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Do you need to record strings or a session musician?

Low cost, professional online string section.


The String Factory offers recording services for projects requiring real strings
to producers who don’t think they can afford a real string section.


Ian Cooper: The One Man String Section


The String Factory is the brainchild of violinist Ian Cooper, commissioned to compose and perform for the opening ceremony of the 2000 Summer Olympic Games. The event was televised worldwide with an estimated 2.85 billion viewers.


He has worked live and in the recording studio with artists as diverse as James Morrison, George Benson, Tommy Emmanuel, Barry White, Silverchair, John Farnham, Marcia Hines, Deni Hines, Emma Pask, Melinda Schneider and Olivia Newton-John.


Ian Cooper plays violin, viola, cello and double bass and is proficient in musical styles including Classical, Country, Jazz, Gypsy & Irish fiddle and has appeared on over 500 commercially released songs.


Ian records each new pass on a separate instrument, just as if there were multiple musicians there together.
This means that an 8 piece first violin section is recorded on 8 separate violins. Because each instrument has its own distinctive sound and character, the blend of many instruments is what makes the classic large string section sound. It also guarantees no phase cancellation when combined in the mix, unlike repeated doubling and tripling of the same instrument. And all done at a fraction of the cost of hiring 8 musicians, a recording studio and engineer.


“Ian Cooper playing everything is the tightest, most together string section I have ever heard.”
James Morrison,


Record a string section or a solo instrument.

Your choice of string section instruments is: 

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double Bass

We can record your written string arrangement, or compose one that compliments your song.


Your choice of solo instrument is:

  • Violin or Fiddle
  • Viola
  • Cello

All styles are possible including Classical, Pop, Rock, Country, Gypsy, Jazz, Indie, Disco, Soul, Motown and Gospel.



How we do it – Technical stuff


Listen to samples of our work


Email The String Factory now and have us put strings on your song!