Accessibility Guide

The String Factory is dedicated to ensuring any user with disabilities has complete accessibility to the website. We operate in conjunction with The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which has released a set of guidelines called Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). We understand and are committed to ensuring this site has and is focused on continuous improvement regarding website accessibility and functionality.

While we aim to ensure our website has accessibility features which comply with the W3C guidelines, it will be an ongoing process and there may be functions that do not meet these standards. If you discover such things, please contact us immediately so we are aware. If any links to our articles, third parties or images are broken or not accessible, please also contact us about this.

The String Factory strives to ensure all users enjoy the site while also ensuring our business does not endure unjustifiable hardships that will affect our delivery or service. This page also includes the appropriate contact information should you wish to discuss any of these issues with us.

We test our sites in the browsers most of our visitors use. The current release for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is version 2.0.

This policy is current as at April 2014




We have ensured the following features to assist with accessibility of our site:

Enlarge Text or Page

Enlarging the text or page is easy if you follow the following commands:

On PCs: Press ‘CTRL’ and ‘+’ keys together to zoom into the page and then ‘CTRL’ and ‘-‘ to zoom out.

On Mac’s press the command key and ‘+’ to zoom in and then the command key +  ‘–’ to zoom out.


You are able to use the TAB key on your keyboard once a page has fully loaded. This allows you to view the page and skip to various parts of the page. The keyboard functions will support those who may use assisted devices when viewing the pages.

Image Descriptions

Images that are used on the site are attached with descriptive text to assist those who are using assisted devices. If you discover an image you believe is not accurately described or positioned please contact us.


If parts of the site are interactive, you are able to disable automatic content changes by turning off Javascript. Please advise us if there are any interactive components to our site that you feel are disruptive of your experience of our site or impede functionality.


The String Factory has ensured content has headings and a HTML code on our site. This function allows you to use a screen reader and other devices which may assist you in viewing the content.

Feedback and Complaints

If you have any issues accessing our website, or any complaints regarding accessibility and content please do not hesitate to contact us. If your complaint is regarding accessibility, please provide specific examples or links so that we can understand fully the nature of the complaint.

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