One Man String Section BW 900x386


Recording Technique – How we do it:


All instruments are recorded with a close condenser mic and Ian Cooper engineers himself to keep costs down.

BUT if you’d like to go one step further….

Create an authentic stereo image of a room full of strings: 

Using a pair of room mics Ian positions himself in different places around the studio for each new pass, with a different instrument. By standing exactly where individual players would be if there were a string section there together, the instruments literally mix themselves when added to the mix, producing a perfect stereo image of a room full of lush strings. Recording a close mic as well covers all the possibilities for any mixing engineer.

For this recording technique we use James Morrison Studios.

You can send your songs to us as mp3, WAV, AIFF or Pro Tools session. (We use Pro Tools 10.)

Specify your preferred sampling rate and bit rate and we’re good to go.

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